Susan Darvishi Weaves a Captivating Love Story on EDM Banger – “Polaroid”

What is it that makes chart-topping hits like The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” and Marshmello’s “Be Kind” so damn addicting to listen to? Well, aside from phenomenal Halsey performances and the glitzy EDM production, I believe that it hinges on the sentimentality and intimate themes of each song that resonates with listeners.


Beyond just the intoxicating sounds, I want to think that somewhere beyond hazily singing along to the choruses at the top of their lungs; listeners would also be captivated by the narrative that each track sets up. That quality is something I believe that Iranian-American Pop singer – Susan Darvishi has in spades.

Her latest single “Polaroid” is a, you guessed it, electronic pop banger that’s both fun and light. Like if Carly Rae Jepsen transitioned into headlining EDM festivals instead of 80s nostalgia pop. The song itself details a whirlwind love affair in New York City but come morning after they go their own separate ways, they have nothing else to remember each other by save for a single polaroid.


It’s not the most unique of stories but its presentation is definitely elevated by Susan’s performance. Her voice is breathy which is a nice contrast to the sharp and snappy production. Personally, the lustre produced on the song also gives me a real sense of wanderlust after being cooped up at home for months working on the blog (so this is great!).

So if you’re a fan of pop music without the slightly overbearing EDM beat drops, but still keeps the DNA of that genre well intact, you can’t go wrong with Susan Darvishi.

Follow Susan on Instagram here.


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