I’ve always loved screaming into the void about my opinions on all things music (so follow me on Twitter), but one day I decided to turn that void into a blog – hoping that there’ll be people out there who are engrossed by my writing and decide to stick around for more.

Turntable Thoughts is an independent entertainment website that is all about sharing my passion for the music industry, and in particular, branding. Nothing excites me more than breaking down how an artist chooses to present their art to the world; be it hinging its narrative around their public persona or fabricating a whole new front to strengthen the potency of their music. 

So come scrutinise the little details with me…or just tell me how wrong I really am.


Its Not Just Interviews, I Want My Listeners To Buy Your Brand

What are interviews for? To give an insight into your music creation process and the purpose behind your art. That’s a given, but every other day there’s an artist out in the world sharing their life’s story – pouring their heart out to captivate potential fans. 

Yet when it’s all said and done, the real fan you’re likely to get is the person interviewing you. In an article, readers are given a digested and, often, sanitised version of events that make light reading but ultimately might not resonate as much as a 3000-word Vogue article. The person behind the pen (or keyboard) is who truly understands you and your appeal.

So I’ve decided to revamp how I do my interviews. No more general questions about what your song title means or who you were inspired by. Instead, I want to help uncover the elements of your music that accentuate your brand’s appeal. Every artist has a story worth telling, and I want to help package that story in a way that captivates readers everywhere.

My goal is for my readers to Buy Your Brand.

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