Review: Kanye West Is Petty And (Somewhat) Pathetic On ‘Eazy’

Kanye West is a proud owner of one of the most overwhelming presences in hip-hop. Get him on a feature and you’ll run the risk of him completely highjacking everything about your song – from the production to the cover art to every headline written about it. Just ask Lil Pump.

“Eazy” serves as The Game’s lead single after his supposed final album Born 2 Rap. He’s always been a rapper who wears his heart on his sleeve, minimising subtleties and doubling down on his strength of vivid storytelling; and on “Eazy” he does just that. Game recounts the trials and tribulations of his life – death, fear and violence circling his life like vultures. It’s an incredibly evocative verse and arguably one of his most memorable in a long while.

My life was never easy,” the chorus proclaims. Then, Kanye comes on and rips the song right out The Game’s hands. Like many of his non-album offerings, “Eazy” is another song that answers the many rumours that have been circulating Kanye’s private life (“XTCY”, “What Would Meek Do?”) – specifically his divorce with Kim Kardashian and the fallout that ensued.


No more counselin’, I don’t negotiate with therapists
God Ye, wanna let God in?
But tonight, I guess I’ll let my pride win

Arguably the most revealing stretch on his verse, it seems that Kanye’s Christian era is pushed aside to make way for a frustrated and confrontative Kanye. He goes on to suggest a double divorce with Kim’s sister Kourtney, (somewhat) justifying purchasing a house next to Kim’s new home, and wanting to beat the shit out of Pete Davidson.

He’s mad but also hides it under a sense of braggadocio as he flexes the popularity of his Yeezy boots and parades his new relationship with Julia Fox (while lamenting Kim’s decision to leave him). It’s confusing at best and pathetic at worst, but makes for an endlessly engaging chapter in the never ending roller-coaster of Kanye’s life.

And by the time the song’s over, you’d forget The Game was even on here. It’s not “Eazy” sharing the spotlight with Kanye West.


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