This Week In Music (18/06/21): Tyler, The Creator Is On His Gangsta Grillz Shit

Another new segment where I give you guys my briefest thoughts on some of the things that went down in the music world this week. It’s just a neat little section to let y’all what I think about artists I have a genuine interest in.

DJ DRAMA? OL’ DIRTY BASTARD HOMAGE?? Will this be Tyler, The Creator’s rap classic???

I love Tyler, The Creator and literally every single project he’s put out. Still, I’ve always felt like he’s an artist that is less than the sum of his parts – like on Wolf when his rapping starts to get a little stale, the production and thematic package around it saves it from being straight up boring.

So given that this next record is almost given to a fully rap one, I can’t help but be excited and cautiously optimistic at the same time. IGOR is him growing fully comfortable with what his sound can be, so Call Me If You Get Lost might just be the project where Tyler comes full circle.


Kendrick Lamar isn’t dropping in 2021 and I have no idea why anymore

I was hyped when I saw Kendrick was headlining Day N Vegas this year (not that I can go but still). Then I read the fine print and got sad.

Like I understand if he’s been delaying the album because he’s waiting for Covid to pass and capitalise on ticket sales, but it seems like everyone and their mother are just choosing to drop while they can remain relevant in a very unforgiving industry. It helps that Kendrick’s discography holds up so well with time that he gets literally just drop whenever he wants, but eventually casual listeners might just move on from him completely – no matter how much his next single bangs.


Billie Eilish vs overbearing stan culture

I mean, have a look at this post (and the music video) and tell me that Billie is queerbaiting.

The biggest “scandal” in pop music this week, Billie Eilish stans are turning against her in droves as they accuse her profiting off the LGBTQIA+ community…which is funny because anyone with the slightest sense of hyperbole can see that she’s just being cheeky in her caption.

Now I’m not going to touch her current boyfriend’s sketchy past (but it doesn’t look good since they were posted when he was 20ish) along with their age gap. Still, the reaction against her is pretty clear cut example of how fickle stans can be, and how little it takes for a lot of them to turn their backs against people they claim to ride-or-die for.


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