Moving Forward With Turntable Thoughts

So…I’ve been feeling for a while now that the blog has been stalling a bit. I was thinking on putting out at least 2 articles a week to keep a constant stream of content for you guys but it’s been tough.

Not to shower you with excuses but at the moment, I feel like I’m being stretched thin when it comes to generating ideas. My day job falls under the line of content marketing. Though it has nothing to do with music, it still takes up a significant chunk of brain power. I’m also freelancing for Warner Music Australia at the moment, which feels so rewarding to do and honestly REALLY fun to write. Still, like my job I’m drained after working on both throughout a week.

Which leads to my abrupt and exciting solution of starting a YouTube channel! I’d thought that since writing takes up a lot of time, putting the written content out as a spoken and visual one would be much easier AND get more exposure too. However, my dumbass didn’t realise that editing videos is a time consuming process, and editing them well is a whole other world for me to explore.

My attention’s been divided because of it. As I’m constantly thinking of the types of video content to put out, while unknowingly neglecting the medium that I started out in – the blog. It feels like I’m starting from scratch while everything I’ve built up so far slowly crumbles away (or in a less dramatic sense, my readership has been slowly declining).

So to steer myself back on track and also to give you a better idea of where I want to bring Turntable Thoughts to – here is a content list of what you can expect from me in the future!

YouTube Channel:

Interviews (check one out right here)

Album Reviews (though they’ll go up on the blog in written form first)

Tentative – Video Essays



Song Reviews


Music Marketing Content (keep an eye out 😉)

Also, let this be an unofficial announcement of Turntable Thoughts being open to commissions! I’ll work out how I want to broadcast this in the future, but it’ll be a PAID freelance position.

Open to Malaysians only for now, I’ll be paying RM10 for 250~words, RM20 for 500~words, RM40 for 1000~words. I’ll be looking to pay more in the future, but to be completely transparent with you, I’m still working out my own finances at the moment too.

So do help spread the word! And please continue to support Turntable Thoughts into the far future!


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