Jay Korner Returns With Another Funk Banger in “Will You Save Me”

I had the lovely privilege of writing about Jay Korner’s first ever single “We’re Back Again” a couple months back. A rowdy funk jam that begged for my body to dance to, so I couldn’t be more excited to jump back into his world with “Will You Save Me”.

Following in the footsteps of his debut, his 2nd single continues his infectious dance party. It feels almost like a sister-project with how similar they sound to each other – from the bright horn sections, equally as impressive drumming and a joyous performance from Jay himself.


However if “We’re Back Again” was the grand opening of the night, “Will You Save Me” is the jam that keeps the festivities going. The song’s strength lies it in its slower tempo – making it a more relaxing (well, as relaxing as a dance party can be) listen that just begs repeat listening.

Jay Korner is now 2/2 in my book.


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