VOTE FOR ME Under “Best Music Blog” @ Infinity Blog Awards

It’s been a while since I began working on Turntable Thoughts, a blog that I honestly started just so I could have a place to throw out any and all of my music opinions – which is why I am very grateful for the good folks over at Infinity Blog Awards recognising the blog and nominating me for ‘Best Music Blog 2021’!

Based on their website, IBA is an organisation that “recognizes and promotes exceptional bloggers – from all backgrounds and experience levels – who produce high-quality content and make a difference in the world. We are committed. We foster the highest levels of integrity, ethics and creative expression in online media around the world.” And I highly respect them for their passion towards this cause.

So do give them a follow over on their socials and vote for me in the ‘Best Music Blog’ category in the button below! (I’m listed under Jeneric Jensen)

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Based in Melbourne and Malaysia. Jensen is a part-time journalist and full-time music fan.

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