Start Loving Her Before “It’s Too Late to Say You’ve Got a Crush” on Kids At Midnight

‘Like a Charli XCX track dipped in toffee, rolled in a Robyn-esque scandipop and spun with fairy floss’ is how Melbourne’s Kids At Midnight describes her latest single “It’s Too Late To Say You’ve Got A Crush”, which is…a lot to digest but also had me very excited.

That statement doesn’t contain any lies either too. Opening with a dirty synth bass groove, it’s instantly reminiscent of cuts off Robyn’s Body Talk with its very danceable tune and squeaky vocals. It’s unadulterated fun that I can see having a long shelf-life with Gen Z TikTokers, given it’s undeniable ‘girlboss’ energy.


However, there’s also an underlying somberness in its lyrics found in the best of Charli XCX tracks. Even with the pitched up and heavy vocal processing, Kids At Midnight’s writing is potent enough to sink its emotional hooks into me. I mean, from its title alone it’s obvious that the song is inspired from a less than pleasant experience, so the bubbling sentiments ever-present throughout “ITLTSYGAC” (whew..) is a strong testament to her penmanship.

It’s definitely earned a place on my ‘dance through your tears’ playlist.


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