Melbourne’s JXCKY Heralds In His Dark Pop Era With “System”

The last time I talked to Melbourne’s JXCKY, he hinted at an exploration into a dark pop sound for his upcoming project – something he describes as “rebellious, angry sort of music”.


His latest single “System” is a direct extension of that description, though with less anger and more rebelliousness. It opens up with a sinister bass line that’s a far cry from any of his past R&B work, paired with production that’s equally as, well, dark. It’s a great first impression that sets brand new expectations for the track right away.

The real star of the show is the chorus. An absolute earworm that I could see land on Billie Eilish’s debut album, JXCKY’s performance is full of zest and sass which elevates “System” from being a simple bass-heavy pop tune to a pure sensual banger.

Also, I HAVE to mention the electric guitars blaring during each chorus. They’re just the icing on a very, very impressive and delightful cake.

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Based in Melbourne and Malaysia. Jensen is a part-time journalist and full-time music fan.

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