Ranking Every Ariana Grande & The Weeknd Collaboration

*Just a quick heads up, I’ve recently found a full-time job so my time with blog has slowed down pretty heavily. Because of that, I’ve decided to pivot towards more short-form video content in the mean time while I figure things out (I’ll still be writing though!). So do bear with me for a bit and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer for now 🙂


Back in 2011, The Weeknd and Ariana Grande were both looking to make their mark on the mainstream pop landscape, ultimately leading to the duo deciding to collaborate on a track off of Ariana’s sophomore album – My Everything.

The track – “Love Me Harder” blew listeners away and scored both artists one of their best performing songs to date and solidified it as an iconic song in both their discographies.

Since then, they’ve went on to collaborate on 2 more tracks. As to how great they are and how each of them compare to one another…well, have a watch on my thoughts below.

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