YEO’s “Obsession” Should Also Be Your Obsession

They say third time’s the charm but I was already charmed the moment I first heard Yeo’s music with “Have A Nice Life” with Chendy (though I guess interviewing him personally helped in that regard). I also talked about his last single “U IN?” a while back which I really loved.

His latest release “OBSESSION” follows in the funky, bass-heavy R&B sound of that track – the suaveness of Yeo’s vocals piercing through the smooth production, right before the spazzing electric guitars kick in during the chorus. There are hints of Trilogy era Weeknd in its first half, before it crescendos towards a more Evanescence-esque alt-rock sound by the end that blew me away.

Where “U IN?” instantly roped me in, “OBSESSION” is more of a slow burn that requires patience as its various elements slowly unravel over its runtime. It’s another song that excels at showing off Yeo’s versatility but, more importantly, it’s one that displays his craft of structuring a song that doesn’t let up for a single second.

“OBSESSION” feels organic in a way where, like its title, it feels like Yeo painstakingly combed over every detail to make sure that each aspect of the track was designed to lead towards its stunning climax. It’s very good.


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