Amanda Ong’s “Leave Me Alone” is Everything Her Career Has Been Leading Up To

I’ve had the pleasure of covering Amanda Ong’s music in the past, most notably on her debut EP Amanda. It was a coming-of-age project that recounts the 6 most crucial stages of the Singaporean songstress’ life growing up, all while backed by light acoustic instrumentals that kept Amanda feeling fresh and inviting.

Her latest single “Leave Me Alone” then feels like a natural and very impressive progression from her previous releases. My favourites from her like “Eye to Eye” and “Zero to Me” are minimalist in its production. Both are guitar-tinged tunes (with other elements such as string sections mixed in) that supplement her warm vocals, evoking the feeling of a small intimate live setting.


“Leave Me Alone”, on the other hand, feels full. From the jazzy horns to bright keys to the tight drumming, each production element weaves in-and-out of the track alongside one another, giving the track an animated quality to it. Not to mention Amanda’s mellow performance serves as a formidable supplement that adds a layer of depth.

It’s another Amanda Ong song in the vein of masking her anxieties under a cheery exterior. The contrast allows for subtle storytelling that is infinitely more effective than any straightforward narrative could achieve, which makes “Leave Me Alone” an essential listen in her discography as it rewards you with repeat listens.


I’m not sure if I’m jumping the gun here by saying this but “Leave Me Alone” might already be one of my favourite songs of 2021.


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