Harrowgrove’s “FLUENT” Hides Depth Behind Its Seductive Exterior

Philadelphia’s Harrowgrove describes his music as “late night tales of desire, urges and sleep”. A quick glance at his discography and you’ll see a deep appreciation of nature, more specifically the deep woods. There’s his signature logo which features a set of trees; while his each of his 3 album arts places a deer, a crow and mountains front-and-centre respectively. It’s a serene impression that he paints for his career and the music reflects that as well – especially on his latest single “FLUENT”.


Claiming his biggest musical influences to be Trent Reznor, Prince, Thom Yorke, The Isley Brothers, Burial & Akira Yamaoka, it’s a wide assortment of sounds but the biggest common factor between all of them and Harrowgrove is their ability to establish an atmosphere. In the case of “FLUENT”, it is one of tranquility and restraint.

The quiet basslines and eerie synths reminds me of the PARTYNEXTDOOR’s best work, while the presence of additional electronic production elements adds a bit more flair – lifting the track from being just a simple yet seductive R&B tune.


“When I wrote this song, I was in the midst of a balancing act. Doing my best to be present for those I love, by realizing I was losing my own footing while trying to hang on for them. So the song is about finding understanding in that balance,” as Harrowgrove told me.

And what a balance that is…well at least musically speaking. There’s a lot of sonic depth to “FLUENT” despite its cold exterior, making it inviting to listen to all the same. If I really had to sum up my thoughts about the track – it’s a v i b e.


Listen to “FLUENT” here.


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