Yeo is a Master of his Craft on His R&B Return – “U IN?”

I interviewed Melbourne’s Yeo a little while back on his Mandarin debut “Have a Nice Life”. Though not a native speaker of the language, he was more than capable enough to deliver a heartfelt performance alongside co-star Chendy over the acoustic production. On “U IN?”, he returns to his English roots and a more familiar R&B style that’s proof of how comfortability breeds stellar results.

“U IN?” tells the story of an unexpected conversation leading to a potential relationship with someone that’s been in and out of your life for years. The production reflects the track’s theme with its killer bassline weaving in-and-out; its brief presence leaving a persistent impression while Yeo croons over the minimalist drums and hi-hats, cheekily teasing the next bass drop.


There’s a neat surprise at the tail end of “U IN?” too as Yeo flexes his Keytar muscles, giving us a solo that serves as a sharp climax that is in tasteful contrast from the rest of the track, which is decidedly more low-key and carnal.

Yeo’s versatility is on full display here and, honestly, I’m just blown away. From the processed vocals to reverb-heavy beat to oscillating tone of the song, it’s a product that’s full of depth and I can’t wait to dive in over and over again.


Listen to “U IN?” here and watch Yeo’s Triple J Like A Version performance below!


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