Manchureon’s “Rain Cloud” Turns His Anxiety Into Exuberance

Imma be gone when bad shit jumps
How you gon’ hit me with the pump
Stepping on gas then hit the bump
Doing that same shit every month

Being in a negative mindset doesn’t mean an artist’s music needs to reflect that – Manchureon’s “Rain Cloud” is a shining example of that. Delivering a bouncy sung performance over bubbly production, you’d think the song was a modern day R&B love song. Instead upon closer listen you’ll begin to realise that there’s more to the track behind its optimistic exterior.

“What inspired me to write the song was me getting stressed out about everything going on, school, running Def-Odd (a student-led record label founded by myself at UC Berkeley), and working on music for me as well as other artists. I hope to send a message of keeping negative thoughts away and staying positive,” Manchureon tells me.


Just like how human emotions aren’t defined in black and white, “Rain Cloud” avoids the pitfalls of being just another self-wallowing track of anxiety. There’s depth to the song that rewards repeat listening. It’s bubbly and upbeat sound invites you to understand where it is Manchureon is coming from, and what it means to process his emotions into something that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.


Listen to “Rain Cloud” here and follow Manchureon here.


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