Jay Korner Invites You To Funk Your Worries Away on “We’re Back Again”

Everyone needs a little funk in their lives and there’s nothing more I love than a killer bass line that is basically begging for my body to groove to. Jay Korner’s debut single as a solo musician – “We’re Back Again” is one such song.

It isn’t just the track’s bass line I’m in love with – the bright horn sections, rhythmic guitars and Jay’s effortlessly charismatic vocals are just magnetic. There’s a quiet confidence in his performance. He never really lets loose over the instrumentals, suavely singing at a comfortable enough tone that isn’t drowned out by the production but still keeping full attention on himself.

When asked about the song, Jay asserts that “No matter how difficult things look, if we do our thing and work together in the right way it is possible to reach our dreams and get back on track again.” A relevant stance to take and especially so in the new normal that we live in today.

If you’re a fan of infectious funk melodies, you can’t really go wrong with Jay Korner. Keep an eye out for his new music dropping sometime in April.

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