“Not Me” is a Powerful Statement of Kalysta’s Growth as an Artist

It’s common for artists venture outside of their wheelhouse when inspiration hits. At times it can come from real-life experiences, the people around them or other artists across the globe. In Detroit singer Kalysta‘s case, her first foray into rock music follows in the footsteps of the Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars & Chris Stapleton collaboration – “BLOW”.


Pairing her powerhouse vocal performance over electrifying guitars, “Not Me” is very literal in its name.

“The song is called [that] because at the time, it was something so different and out of my normal realm of music to create. Matt Smile, my producer, has a rock and roll background, so he really helped this song come to life with the music and his sweet guitar solo,” she tells me.

The strength she brings to the track isn’t just in its sound either. Wanting to emulate what Ed Sheeran and co. did on “BLOW”, Kalysta aimed to add her own spin to it.

“Adding a soulful voice, with some lowkey country vibes, and a catchy guitar riff, [and] some different genres within. I wanted it to be bold!”

The rock influence extends to her personal life as well, as “Not Me” is a homage to the rock community that she’s feels indebted to.


“They have been a huge support system in the beginning of my career. I have some followers that are die-hard rock fans, so, I wanted to do something that would appeal to that part of my audience.”

I’d say the song does just that. With how at home Kalysta sounds over the production, you’d be hard-pressed to think that she’s primarily a Soul/R&B singer. The versatility she’s shown this early on in her career means, in time, she’ll definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

Have a listen to “Not Me” here and give her a follow on Instagram here.


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