Channeling the Very Best of 2000s R&B, GBS Wants You to “Come My Way”

Feelings for someone are usually built up over time. It starts with a sudden notice of their presence. Then, you begin to notice the little details about them – like how they fidget when they’re nervous or a cute blank stare when they daydream. After that, “you adore how they are as a person. You then start to think about what life would be like having them more as friends” as GBS describes it.

On his latest single “Come My Way”, the Adelaide singer joins forces with fellow Aussie rapper ISH for a slick 2000s R&B banger that’s as sensual as it is inviting. The Fetty Wap influence is apparent (especially on the song’s chorus) but GBS manages to make the sound his own, showcasing a performance that reminds me of Jeremih and Chris Brown but with a more peppy twist to it.

ISH’s guest verse also provides a refreshing contrast to the polish of “Come My Way”, reminding me of early Rich Brian with his laidback delivery and charisma. They’re a great pairing, which shouldn’t be surprising since they’ve known each other since high school.

Inspired by his crush on a co-worker, the song is written as a ‘what if’ of GBS’ life.

“She just has this beautiful personality that is so attractive that you just want to get to know,” he says.

“I’d see this girl once a week at our business meetings and as meetings go your mind just wanders and you start daydreaming. She just happened to sit across me every time. I still wonder what my life would have been like if I had told her to come my way.”


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