Best albums of 2019, RANKED

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30. Dreamville — Revenge of the Dreamers III

Hip-hop’s own ‘Avengers: Endgame’, though not necessarily living up to the same expectations. The coming together of all these rap heavyweights was a sight to behold, and fortunately the results backed the hype up too.

29. Half•Alive — Now, Not Yet

The best dance-pop record of the year, the band’s breakout hit “Still Feel” was only a precursor to the exquisitely performed work that is Now, Not Yet.

28. Men I Trust — Oncle Jazz

A 1-hour 30-minute indie folk record may sound like a daunting task to endure, but Men I Trust makes it work with gorgeous songwriting and breezy production that work hand-in-hand.

27. Anderson .Paak — Ventura

After the rap-centric Oxnard, .Paak returns to his R&B roots to spectacular results that unfortunately doesn’t reach the highs of Malibu, but still a great record all the same.

26. Megan Thee Stallion — Fever

2019 rap’s best newcomer (sorry DaBaby), Megan Thee Stallion proves she’s a charismatic force to be reckoned with as she effortlessly glides through Fever with swagger and confidence.

25. Clairo — Immunity

Breaking free of being typecast as a bedroom pop star, Clairo’s foray into indie pop is surprisingly contemporary take on the lo-fi aesthetic that has defined the genre over the past decade.

24. Rich Brian — The Sailor

If I was giving out ranking for ‘Best Improved’, Rich Brian would be comfortably sitting at the top. Read my review of the album here.

23. 100 gecs — 1000 gecs

Experimental music duo 100 gecs’ sound is near unexplainable. Is it pop? Is it electronic? Is it hip-hop? Is it nu-metal? Who knows, but the final result is incredible nonetheless.

22. G Flip — About Us

About Us can be easily described as a by-the-numbers pop album, but what separates it from the pack is its penchant for irresistibly catchy melodies and hooks, and really that’s enough.

21. Ari Lennox — Shea Butter Baby

Genuineness runs through every nook and cranny of this album as Ari Lennox croons her heart out. Laying herself bare on the record, Shea Butter Baby is a beautiful album of a flawed human being.

20. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib — Bandana

Gangster rap has been on a steady decline in the mainstream for the past couple of years, but that doesn’t mean the quality of it has stalled. Enter Bandana, with intricate flows and luxurious production, making it an undeniable force within the genre.

19. Tinashe — Songs For You

Tinashe’s career up to this point has always been unfulfilled potential, but Songs For You puts a stop to that. Her versatility in a multitude of genres on the record only proves that she’s just getting started and that the world is her oyster.

18. Lana Del Rey — Norman Fucking Rockwell!!

If it wasn’t clear enough before, Norman Fucking Rockwell!! has solidified Lana Del Rey as one of our generation’s finest songwriters. Only this time, she has an undeniably great musical backdrop to back her lyricism.

17. Young Thug — So Much Fun

After years of simmering beneath the mainstream as his clones takes centre stage, the real OG of mumble rap comes out of the gates swinging with the best record of his career. Streamlining his strengths over the years, Young Thug finally proves that he’s a star.


Bouncing back from the semi-derided Iridescence, BROCKHAMPTON air their grievances on GINGER and prove to fans that maybe it’s time for them to move on. Much more pop oriented than their previous efforts, the group has finally found a way to control their unbridled energy to deliver a project that’s cohesive and impressive.

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