Best albums of 2019: October – November & In Retrospect


Westside Gunn — Hitler Wears Hermes 7


Genre: Rap

One of the more consistently prolific rappers working right now, Westside Gunn’s 5th studio album of 2019 is easily his best one yet. The record still works under the same formula that makes his best projects great — sample-based production and relentless rhyming. Hitler Wears Hermes 7 is Westside Gunn operating close to the height of his prowess.

Yelawolf — Ghetto Cowboy


Genre: Rap

His first release since leaving Shady Records, Yelawolf sounds like a reinvigorated man that’s itching to breathe a second life into his career. Ghetto Cowboy finally sees him achieving a perfect balance between his rap and country sensibilities, creating a sound that is firmly his own while sounding better than ever before.

Gang Starr – One of the Best Yet


Genre: Rap

16 years since the last Gang Starr album and 9 years since Guru’s untimely death, a posthumous record in 2019 wasn’t least expected. Yet, here it is and One of the Best Yet serves as an effective look back at what makes old school hip-hop great. It’s almost as if the legendary rap group never left.

Tinashe — Songs For You


Genre: R&B

Free from a major label, Tinashe is finally free to make the music she wants to make, and the result of that is the best album of her career so far. Delving into R&B, pop, dance and a little bit of trap, versatility is the name of the game on Songs For You. The album is refreshing compared to the cookie-cutter work on her previous records, signalling a new chapter in Tinashe’s career.

Action Bronson — Lamb Over Rice


Genre: Rap

After a 2018’s disappointing White Bronco, Lamb Over Rice is a welcome return to form from the New York rapper. Enlisting the help of legendary producer The Alchemist, Action Bronson goes back to his formula of single-producer projects. The result is a magical 20 minutes that reminds listeners of how much we’ve missed prime Bronson.

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