Best albums of 2019: July – September

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Dreamville — Revenge of the Dreamers 3


Genre: Rap, Trap

Dreamville drummed up insane amounts of hype when they publicized their recording sessions for this album in early 2019. Now that it’s finally here, the label proves why they’re the most exciting collective outside of TDE in today’s rap scene. Everyone involved brought their A-game and then some, all by rapping their asses off.

Yuna — Rogue


Genre: Pop, Dance

Hailing from Malaysia (woohoo), Yuna has evolved her sound from sultry R&B to upbeat dance-pop. On Rogue, she fully embraces it with clear influences from 70s to 80s pop. With contributions from Tyler, the Creator to Little Simz, Yuna has come into her own as Malaysia’s brightest pop star.



Genre: Pop, Electronic, R&B

Banks has always occupied a lane between dark pop and electronic music but had never really settled for either. On III, she perfectly blends both sounds to create an aesthetic that is very much hers. It’s one of the most unique pop albums of the year and also the best of her career so far.

Maxo Kream — Brandon Banks


Genre: Rap, Trap

Maxo Kream is a rapper’s rapper. More than half of Brandon Banks sees him flexing his storytelling chops, reminiscent to that of 90s hip-hop. Of course, there’s a fair share of bangers on here as well. He’s a rapper that is the best of both old and new hip-hop.

Uboa — The Origin of My Depression


Genre: Experimental, Noise

The Origin of my Depression provides listeners with exactly what its title suggests. The album is visceral, unsettling and ultimately harrowing. It’s almost mindblowing how accurately Uboa is able to translate her dark thoughts into these musical passages. It’s not a record that is for the faint of heart.

Rich Brian — The Sailor


Genre: Rap

Read my review here. This album is good.

YBN Cordae — The Lost Boy


Genre: Rap

Every year there’s a rapper that oldheads will cling on to as the torchbearer for traditional hip-hop. In 2019, that rapper is YBN Cordae. Technically proficient and charismatic on the mic, The Lost Boy proves that Cordae’s co-signs aren’t all talk.

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