Every BLACKPINK song, ranked


First debuting under YG Entertainment in 2016, BLACKPINK has taken the world by storm ever since with only 10 official song releases (and 1 collaboration) to their name.

As someone that hasn’t had a huge interest in K-Pop nor has much experience with it, it’s slightly daunting to jump right into BLACKPINK’s entire catalog straightaway. Still, I’ve heard a lot of good thing about them and I’m going to remain as unbiased as possible; given that I’ve never seen a single BLACKPINK music video up to this point (and don’t plan to until I finish this list). So this list is going to be purely about the music, without any outside influence from their supposedly gorgeous music videos.

Then without further ado, here are the all of BLACKPINK’s songs ranked.

11. “붐바야” (BOOMBAYAH)

Their only song that I wholly dislike, “BOOMBAYAH” is a 2016 song that’s firmly rooted within its electronic influences of the early 2010s. The obnoxiously messy production and cookie-cutter chorus do little to make the track memorable. Still, there’s still redeeming qualities here with some solid verses from Lisa and Jennie.


A nice little pop tune, the song’s upbeat yet slightly mellow aesthetic make it a breezy listen compared to the rest of their music. From the bouncy production to each member’s undeniable chemistry in their verses, “SEE U LATER” is admirably fun and sassy. Unfortunately, the group fails to stick the landing with an awkward sounding rap-inspired chorus.



It goes without saying that the best part of the song is easily Jennie’s stellar rap verse. Pulling the beat back as she swaggers onto the track, the intensity on display sees Jennie stealing the show and running away with it. The rest of the track lacks the same energy from the other members, but the sticky production manages to make the song a fairly strong one.


I’ve always been a sucker for piano-laden production despite what the final product may be, so from the first 5 seconds alone I was already hooked. So it’s slightly disappointing that BLACKPINK chooses to ditch the piano mid-way through the track, instead focusing on the group’s tried-and-true formula of EDM-driven pop. Though my disappointment was unfounded halfway through when I realized how dang addictive that beat drop is.



Unlike the previous dance-centric entries, “REALLY” is less of a song to be blared on the dancefloor and rather one that begs to be played at a cool summer party. Sitting smack in the middle of this list, the track is an encompassment of everything that makes BLACKPINK’s music exciting. The luscious production, soothing vocals and exhilarating rap performances are all front and center here. “REALLY” may not be one of BLACKPINK’s best songs, but it’s certainly one of their most well-crafted.

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